5 Blogs and 5 Bloggers

Thanks to Fight the Hypo and New Law Mom for tagging me for this meme. I have just been so much fun since this whole OCI thing started, and I can totally see why people want hear more from me.  Thanks for overlooking my pissy mood.

Anyhoo. It’s the 5 Blog and 5 Bloggers meme. The task is to name 5 non-law blogs we like, and then tag 5 law bloggers to do the same.

I tag:

Virgin in the Volcano

Pt-Law Mom

New Kid on the Hallway

Starting to Melt (because Cee has nothing else to do right now)



And the 5 non-law school blogs I think you should check out are:

Jessica Gottlieb: My most favorite, fabulous LA housewife

Always Winter: Leslie is a poet. Check out her observations of life in a harsh climate

The Boomer Chronicles: This is a blog about being a Boomer Baby in America

Smokey Mountain Chronicles: I love this woman and her goats

Pieces of Gray: Read about Kerry’s journey about losing a daughter and trying to get pregnant again.



9 thoughts on “5 Blogs and 5 Bloggers

  1. Hey Steph, I got the white iphone because that is all the had left when I finally made it to the front of the line. But personally, I like the black better.

    Virgin, not a pox silly. Just a hex that will leave you blind, confused and turn all of your vodka into lemonade.

  2. I have no idea lol….but I got the white one! (even though the inside of my purse is bright yellow – yeah….I dont know what coach was thinking but I liked the purse so I over look it)

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