OCI Update

I had a rough week. I got pulled off the alternate list for a firm I am really interested in, and then had two more interviews added at the last minute. Plus, I had my call back at the “boring” firm.

And how did the call back go? I really liked them. I didn’t think they were boring at all. I thought they were thoughtful and mature.

Since this was my one chance at a six figure salary, I decided to do it up. I had my hair done, and bought a new suit. I had the flu the week before, so I had dropped a little weight. I don’t think that I looked that good since my wedding. I certainly won’t be able to reproduce it on a day to day basis. Did they like me? I guess we will see, but I am trying to just forget about it, and look to the Government OCI.

Plus, I am a good week behind on my reading. I don’t even understand the questions people are asking in class. The way this whole thing is shaping up, I am going to have to keep my grades up for another year. I was up until 2:00 reading last night. My son isn’t refusing his nap, so its going to be another late one. 


2 thoughts on “OCI Update

  1. I’m glad you looked good on your call back- isn’t it amazing how we are more confident when we think we look better? Hope it went well for you!

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