Tales from the Court II (or good fences make good neighbors)

I have an aunt who is a stay at home mom with 2 kids. One time, the wife of her husband’s boss asked her, “And what do you DO?” Her response, “I can’t account for my time.”

I always loved that. So, I’ve been too busy blog. Busy doing what? I don’t know. I’m just busy.

But I have one week left of my internship, and I wanted to give you a few more stories.

There were two neighbors, and they were not getting along. One was a member of the town’s garden club, and the other was a bit of a drifter. She had a “living wall” on the border of their property (it was a bush). The drifter probably did this to agitate her, but he cut down her “living wall”. Words ensued, and somehow this escalated into criminal charges. (I really don’t know how).

In the court room, she went up to my judge and said,

“Your honor, I am a member of the Anytown Garden Club, and what this man did was unconscionable. This was a living wall….”

Defense attorney, “Your honor, this is ridiculous. Any reasonable person would not find this offensive…”

At which point, the woman from the garden club, raised her hand to her head and fainted.  Right in the courtroom.


2 thoughts on “Tales from the Court II (or good fences make good neighbors)

  1. Oh, that’s wonderful.

    Remind me that I owe you a post about how my grandfather died. It would delight any attorney.

    Also, I cannot account for my time… except the 3 hour tennis match.

  2. wow, so dramatic! I wonder if she just did it for sympathy? Yay- one week of internship left. Hopefully you get a little summer break before classes start again?

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