Kitten Defense

I finally finished submitting my bids for the On Campus Interviews. It was tough deciding which firms to apply to. Do I go to work for the evil firm that successfully defended the industrial polluters that killed those kids out in Woburn OR do I go to work for the evil intellectual property firm that keeps affordable drugs out of third world countries? Decisions, decisions. (And you think I’m kidding).

If I do get hired by one of these places, I am going to have to donate a lung to save my soul. A lung, and maybe an eyeball.

Jen thought up the best idea yet for a job. It’s a television show. It would be a sort of Animal Cops/Law and Order/Judge Judy mix. Here is the idea. The first half an hour would be following around the Animal Cops in the city of Boston as they go after dog fighters and animal mutilators. Then the next half an hour would be the perpetrators dragged into court in front of ME!  Plus, I got into Animal Law, so I might actually know something about it. What do you think?

Just give me five minutes with the bastard who did this.

People who hurt children and kittens make me MAD.



17 thoughts on “Kitten Defense

  1. Lol, what a great show! I like to make fun of animal law because people some people I know value animals almost more than their children or other people. But at the same time, there is absolutely no excuse for hurting an animal- poor little kitten! Seriously, you have to be a Hitler in the making to do such a thing!

  2. On your cool show your creating, can I be the animal cop??? Please, I already have the uniform *wink wink*

  3. Wait a minute, if any of us gets on TV, it’s going to be my brother reviving the prickly role of Judge Judy. (He already has the shoes and bag.)

  4. Hey Steph – I did get the iphone. But I’m so worried about something happening to it, I won’t leave the house with it. Which sort of defeats the purpose of a cellphone.

  5. Where did u get it from? lol Ive been living in iphone HELL for the last 2 weeks (I work at the at&t store) People were camped outside my store the night before waiting for us to open on the 11th! Crazy!

  6. In a vain effort to learn more about your future area of judicial expertise, I googled “animal law” and found this uplifting music. Enjoy! t

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