Add Me Drop Me

There is a Criminal Clinic at my school where you get to work with real DAs and real Criminals for credit. It’s a year long.   I desperately wanted in, because for whatever reason, I need criminality in my life.  They choose people by lottery and I didn’t win. I was bummed. Another year of classes for me.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but my schedule for next semester is totally Fubar. Registration is done by a kind of lottery. You put in your requests, number the classes you want the most, and then wait. So I put in requests for a combination of responsible classes and “fun” classes. My thought was that they will give me most of my responsible classes and maybe one or two fun classes. The most important thing is that I had to get into Evidence. If I want to work in a DAs office this summer, its required.

Well, my class schedule came back and I was shocked. First of all, they put me in all of the fun classes. Yes to Animal Law, Poverty Law, Immigration Law – I Iook like a freaking communist. No to Evidence and Corporations and Federal Tax. But I did get into some responsible classes for my Spring Semester, so I thought Ok.

But then I get an email saying that someone had dropped out of the Criminal Clinic and did I want his place? Did I? You bet. So I signed up for the Clinic, which starts in the Spring.

So here is the problem. Evidence is a prerequisite. So I have to get into Evidence in the Add Drop Period. Plus, all of my responsible classes in the Spring Semester, you know the classes that might help me with a job or pass the bar, have to be dropped. I have to get into something more substantial for the Fall. It all comes down to the Add Drop period later on this month.

Law School is just one coronary after another.

 PS – click on over to Virgin’s place and wish her Happy Birthday. I think she is finally old enough to drink.

PSS – I’m getting an Iphone tomorrow!



9 thoughts on “Add Me Drop Me

  1. As a soon-to-be immigration lawyer – Immigration is a *fun* class for you? Maybe your class is really politics and civil rights-based. I loved mine but it was some code-heavy stuff. No communism.

  2. If you’re a Communist, I really think you should donate that camel colored Kate Spade to the people. Meaning, to me. Because, you know, I’m now old enough to drink + almost an entire fucking decade.

    P.S. If you really want to wish me a happy birthday, you’ll send a good plastic surgeon my way.

  3. PS: Way to offend the animal lawyers (rrrooow) of the world. Be forewarned: if you start talking smack about my area of expertise, things are going to get ugly, because Medicare and Medicaid lawyers are badass. You heard it here first, folks.

  4. Boy does that ever sound like a half-assed registration system. At my law school, there was a “lottery,” too, but it was done by class year. Like if you were a 3L you had a better chance of getting in to what you wanted . . . within the 3L class, it was done sort of randomly by digits in your student ID number. Anyway, I took Evidence. It sucked a fat one. If you do get into that class, brace yourself for barf-a-roni of epic proportion.

  5. Oh – and PS – I recommend throwing yourself on the mercy of the Evidence professor. At my law school professors can override the registration system and maybe if you explain the situation to them, they can hook you up.

    Oh – and as for looking like a communist? I laughed out loud at that part and suggest that you not apply for a job at DOJ . . .

  6. Might want to get the clinical professor to help you get into Evidence. Say you put in for it, and were shut out, is there anything they can do?

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