More news from the district court

The girls who work for the District Attorney all look terrific. They are popsicle stick thin. They wear grey suits with black or red high shoes with little bows on the back of them – no pantyhose. Clearly, I’m going to have to lose 50 lbs if I want to be an Assistant District Attorney. The weight I am now, I look like a Public Defender. This would  mean spending my legal career hunting down indigent clients to try and convince them to show up for their court dates. This I do not want.

Since it’s going to take me awhile to shed the weight, I bought some snappy new shoes. They are so cute, white patent letter with a silver buckle. But they gave me a huge blister my first day so I have been hobbling around ever since then.

Yesterday, G*D took out his wrath on the staff of the district court. We were down two judges. And the parole officers were down by five people because a bunch of their relatives died. The judge flew around from court room to court room. He made lickety split decisions but we did not get out of there until 6:00. I didn’t get a lunch because I was doing my job running after him. The clerk took pity on me and handed me a box of Tic Tacs at about 2:00. I downed them in one sitting. They were the BEST TIC TACS EVER.


10 thoughts on “More news from the district court

  1. lol, I resorted to eating tic tacs for lunch once too! ha ha!

    I love buying cute new shoes but I always get blisters on the first day or two- I know this is so taboo but I totally just wear black socks with my heels- when I wear long pants, no one can tell! And they prevent the blisters 🙂

  2. Melissa, I was afraid I would get a comment from a public defender. I looked at your Myspace profile and not only are you in great shape, I think you could kick my ass. I won’t say anything else about Public Defenders.

  3. I could kill for your day. Keep the stories coming! I would tell you about what happens on the 9th, but the juicy stuff is top secret, and the day to day affairs are nothing close to entertaining: read, research, cite check, write memo, repeat. I am, however, expecting the shit to hit the fan now that the big obscenity trial was stopped for the wholesome porno appearing regularly on Kozinski’s blog. Can’t wait to find out who leaked this to the Times. And to watch him for signs of shiftiness at oral args.

  4. maybe the stick thinness is a byproduct of eating only tic tac’s for lunch!! ask around, the skinny chicks may have been not so skinny when they started!!

    please post a pic of your new shoes… they must be very glam, cause we all know, the more pain, the nicer the shoe.

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