It’s just money

My internship is going great. Things are wild down at the district court. I follow the judge around from court room to court room. I’m in an entourage, you could say. I sit up next to the clerk and try to look serious as I listen to the people come forward with their crazy stories. It’s a parade of people who had a Really Bad Night. I fight the urge to show my disbelief because some of the things are just crazy. The judge makes his decisions and then at the break we go back into chambers and he explains the Massachusetts law that applies. It’s better than television.

 In TCC news, we got another negative on Wednesday. When Jen told me, I was depressed. But then she said she was ready to move onto to IVF, so now I am slightly panicked about the cash. Once we get a final word on how much it’s going to cost, I’m going to seek out financing. I know it will all be worth it when we get Lil’ guys little sister or brother. Besides, I am ten of thousands of dollars in debt from school, so what’s 20,000 more. 


6 thoughts on “It’s just money

  1. Awww, it definately WILL be worth it- just focus on that. There is no price that can be placed on bringing a new life into the world!

    Wow, the internship sounds exciting. Reading the statement of facts for cases is like that- especially sexual harassment cases- it’s like wtf? who would do such a thing!

  2. I love that you’re like “eh, what’s abouther $20k.” I totally agree. AND it will be worth it.

    And yes, people are dumb. That’s why lawyers have jobs. But you already knew that.

  3. my lack of impulse control would have me in all sorts of trouble if i had to listen to crazy stories and keep a straight face and not laugh or snort and tisk tisk, i’m so impressed you at least try to keep serious!!

    and really, what is money??
    if you didn’t spend it on such a worthy endeavor it would be spent on something or somewhere else anyway.

    sorry for your heartache, hugs to jen 🙂 the negative must be crushing.

  4. So sorry about the neg. I hope IVF is cheaper and easier than ever. And even if it’s not, it will be more than worth it.

    If your internship was on daytime tv, I’d totally stay home to watch.


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