I got done with my finals, and my mind was still on GO. Even though I didn’t do the writing competition, I cleaned out the basement and my wardrobe. I think I mentioned I even started jogging again. I was all revved up for about a week.

Then yesterday, I put the baby down for his nap, and suddenly, I just felt this exhaustion like I have never felt before. It wasn’t just physical. I felt about 1,000 years old. I just couldn’t do anything more. We are going on vacation tomorrow, and I need to pack, register for classes and find a loan before we take off. But instead, I wandered off today to get my nails done, and watched about 2 years worth of Weeds. Jen is at a family weeding. I am not getting any mothering awards today because I put in Finding Nemo and ordered a pizza to keep Lil’ Guy pacified.

I was wondering if this had anything to do with my dad dying last summer. He died about four weeks before law school started so I didn’t really get much time to think about everything. My dad was an alcoholic – and not the fun kind. My feelings about him are a little complicated. Though, that doesn’t mean that I get to escape the grief process.

Anyway, I am going with the family to P-town for a week. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t approve of while I am gone. (Like voting for Republicans or buying counterfeit designer goods.)


7 thoughts on “Crashing

  1. I am sure the exhaustion is normal. When you finally slow down, that is when it hits. It is likely stuff about your father as well as the school year being over. Have a great time in Ptown!

  2. I think it’s a well established (indisputable) fact that Dems buy fakes and Republicans…

    Well we elect idiots and then bury our faces in our hands and apologize for 4 years.

    Twice in a row.

    I really am very sorry.

    I think, also, when we’re having/making babies we want our parents. Even the parents that weren’t very good ones.

  3. I always crash after finals. It’s like a weird let down or something. I usually lay around like a lump, so confused and not sure what to do next and way too tired to do anything enjoyable.

    I just blame law school.

    Congrats on being done though!!

  4. I agree with cee – it’s normal grad school stuff. I also crash at the end of the term, and in the same way too. I put off so many little things that need to get get done as I put myself into high gear rushing through the last few weeks. After it’s all over, I get this ‘yes, I have so much time now!’ feeling, and then promptly crash, unable to muster the energy to do the simplest chore. Instead, I read random political blog posts and browse you tube for new eddie izzard pieces. 🙂

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