Forecast: Its a doozi

Jen bought me this nail polish to wear for my Civ Pro test. Its called, Its a Doozi says Suzi. The test will be a doozi, so I have been MIA studying for it.

Also, I am afraid its a no go on the pregnancy, we got a negative on the pregnancy test.

I will be updating again soon. Just one more week of hell.


8 thoughts on “Forecast: Its a doozi

  1. Aww . . . I’m sorry to hear that. I know y’all are disappointed. Hang in there!

    And that nail polish is hawt! (Though admittedly I don’t wear nail polish because I’m a total tomboy and lazy).

    I’m on my last 24-hr take-home! I’m now just three summer school classes away from my stupid diploma! Though, admittedly, I’m basically bleeding from the eyes at this point and borderline sitting-in-the-corner-rocking-back-and-forth deranged right now. So hopefully I can take 3 more little summer school classes. Good times.

  2. I’m so sorry, Googie. 😦 That’s so disappointing.

    Love the polish, though!!

    I just finished my last one – yay!!!! Now three weeks until summer hell begins.

  3. I’m sorry about the negative. That totally sucks. But we’ll still be here when the good news comes!
    Good luck with your CIV Pro test.

  4. Sorry about the test results. Hopefully next time will be a success! That nail polish rocks! Missed you Thursday! Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday! Good luck with your test! Thinking of you……..

  5. awww. just keep on trying!! It will all be worth it!

    The nail polish is a GREAT idea! I might do that to spicen up my con law test 🙂

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