Torts Invading My Life

Jen and Lil’ guy spent yesterday at the zoo while I was wasting away at the library.

When I saw Jen last night she said, “You’ll never guess what happened to me today. I slipped on a banana peel.”

An actual slip on a banana peel case! I was so excited I could barely contain myself, “How far did you fall? Were you on zoo property?” Unfortunately, she isn’t sure if she was on zoo property (Virgin commented that the case would be really great if the Gorilla had thrown the banana at her, and then she slipped). Also she didn’t really get hurt, so her case is not so good.

And where was I? I was at the library…studying Torts. Actually, I can’t believe the day I had. I spent 9 hours at the public library. I go to the public library because I can’t get on the internet there, so I am really productive. And then I came home and went over problems with Virgin for about 4 hours. I’m all over this Torts thing.


11 thoughts on “Torts Invading My Life

  1. omg. you’re so hardcore! Good Job! I tried to devote an entire day to International Business Transactions, and yeah, it lasted about 2.5 hours before my brain exploded.

    You will rock the exam 🙂

    The banana peel story is so hilarious!!!

  2. I totally have this mental image of a Loony Toons episode involving Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner. (Does the roadrunner have a name?)

    Anyway, it’s badass that she slipped on a banana peel.

    You’ll do fine in Torts – hell, if I got an A in that class, anybody can.

  3. You are a hero! I would’ve went to library and caught up on blogs while sipping my 3rd or 4th iced coffee.
    I want to be just like you when I grow up.

  4. Lovin the banana peel story. Especially now that I have been tortless for exactly 2 hrs and 14 minutes. Total withdrawal.

    And btw, I still think we should go over more defamation problems. And stuff with defenses.

  5. Here’s what I heard.

    blah blah blah


    blah blah blah

    zoo kid banana money

    blah blah blah

    tarts and virgins and books (is she a tart or a virgin or are you baking together?)

    blah blah blah

    Law School….. oh, now it all makes sense. Torts!

    How is the little guy?

  6. Best of luck on your finals! I loved my Torts final because the hypo was so much fun! It was 2-3 pages of one totally ridiculous improbablily after another. We had 3 (or was it 4?) hours to address every claim we could identify and analyze how we thought it would turn out. Fun times 🙂

  7. Just thought I would point out my own mis-spelling of “improbability” above before someone else notices and just thinks I’m a slacker for not proofing better. My brain is a bit mushy. I’ve been studying for Ocean and Coastal Law on and off all day in between short sessions of work (the work I get paid to do). What was I saying about fun times?

  8. I went through a phase post-torts where all I could see was hazards and negligence everywhere. I was CERTAIN that I was destined to end up broke, dead, or horribly maimed – my windshield would shatter, my kid would pull a chair out from under someone, someone would fall through my front porch, or some defective product would explode while I was using it. Let’s not even talk about my driving. Unfortunately, I really never recovered from the damage that torts did to me, and we now have 3 million dollars’ worth of liability insurance.

    Aren’t you glad you went to law school?

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