So you speak Farsi, I own Red Carpet Barbie

A guy in my section came up with a game for Finals. He wants everyone to email him a fun fact about themselves, and then he will compile a list of the facts, and we have to guess who is who. Barbie

First, it annoys me that anyone has the time to even contemplate doing this. But that’s old news. At this point in the semester, I resent that Jen is able to go to bed at 10:30. Other than that, this is an Human Resources game, and Human Resources games categorically annoy me.

When I thought about what I might write for my fun fact, I realized I am just a townie from Sunnyslope, AZ. While I’m sure my classmates will write about how they are in a punk bank, lived in exotic places or speak 10 languages, the accomplishment I am most proud of is quitting drinking. I don’t think I want to share that with my future colleagues. If I make through law school with a baby on my hip, that will be big accomplishment number 2.

I was one of the very first same sex couples to get legally married in the country, but even being gay is getting a little pedestrian.

So I thought about making something up. I think I am going to write that I own thousands of Barbie dolls that I categorize by hair color and date of issue. What do you think?


22 thoughts on “So you speak Farsi, I own Red Carpet Barbie

  1. Argh – I *hate* those games. And inevitably someone in my doc sem (our mandatory grad research group) suggests we do something like this EVERY TERM. The Doc program is 6 freakin years long, and I’m finishing year 5. It has got to end, people. I’m thinking of going on strike for the next one.

  2. Oops..forgot to comment on your question. I vote for the barbie collection – categorized by both color and style (with a cross-reference guide to match.)

  3. If they start in on the “trust” exercises like “fall backward, and your partner wil catch you”– run away. I love the Barbie idea but maybe you should switch it to GI Joe. Good luck with finals.

  4. the problem with that, though, is when people actually start believing you have this collection and try to show you THEIR collections.
    i think being one of the first same-sex couples to marry is a big deal.

    — a mostly-lurker.

  5. Keith- I thought about the tattoo. Maybe even taking a picture and sending it in. Maybe you’re right.

    Of course, my tattoo doesn’t really compare with your body art, so I don’t know.

  6. Maybe you should come up with a scandalous past. Like you once hooked your way across country or sold illegal herbs along the highway…
    Or maybe that you yodle.
    Yodling is always a big hit. 🙂

  7. Hmmm. Virgin could live up to her name by claiming to have blown one or several of the profs. But then, grades would be indicative of, well, performance.

    How about claiming that, on a trip to the middle easy, you managed to purchase and smuggle out the only known Farsi speaking barbie and guess what outfit she came in?

    Non pc and bizarre.

  8. i have been wanting to comment since way back when lil guy decided not to eat veggies (how’s that going anyways?), but my dodgy laptop has been….dodgy!

    i am so happy it’s working for this post, absolutely, positively a
    must to go with the barbie idea, it’s the perfect balance of must be true/can’t be true!

    as a child barbie wasn’t my thing, in my late 20’s i saw a “ferrari barbie” in a display cabinet at toys r us (for the mere price of many hundred dollars) and it was LOVE.

    i still think of her often.

  9. That is a GREAT idea!!! Love it!

    I HATE stupid ice-breakerish games and it’s so lame that someone suggested it for finals. Ew. This person needs serious help and a real life.

    ha ha ha, now I wish you really did own a thousand barbies- i might start a collection just so I can tell people about it. SO funny!

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  11. I hate stupid game things like that.

    I’d recommend “I have an exceptionally large amount of hair on my arse” or something similar which will be more likely to discourage such games in the future!

  12. Hey there, thank you so much for your comments!! I’m glad someone reads what I’m putting out there….though it is kinda boring! I am taking LSAT in the fall, any suggestions?

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