What to do with that placenta

As most of you know, my wife is a nurse. It’s a pretty crazy job. Whenever I ask her about it, I get freaky details from her day, so I usually don’t ask. But tonight she volunteered this story.

A kid was admitted into Jen’s ward. The kid’s mom and dad were there. Mom is 9 months pregnant. She goes into labor so they race her over to the maternity ward. She had given birth at home the other two times and wanted to get back to her sick child in Jen’s ward, so they let her out right after she gave birth.

This is where Jen comes in. So mom is there with new baby, sick kid and dad. Then dad comes up to Jen and asks where he can freeze the placenta. Jen’s thinks he is holding a Styrofoam cup of yogurt, but then realizes that he is actually holding mom’s placenta.

Jen calmly responds “It’s a blood product. We can’t store it.”

Dad then says, “Oh what. If it was cow’s blood you’d refrigerate it.”

Jen says, “I’m sorry sir. We can’t”

Dad, “A placenta is the only meat product you can eat that doesn’t involve killing.”


Stories like this make me wish I had gone to nursing school.


7 thoughts on “What to do with that placenta

  1. OMG! I realize that people DO eat the placenta in some cultures . . . for the love of Jehovah, remind me to never be part of whatever culture that is. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    The worst part is the “if it were cow’s blood you’d totally refrigerate it.” What the hell kind of reasoning is that? First off, no they wouldn’t. And second – why would they store cow’s blood!? Who is this guy, Caligula?

    Major barf festival.

    Oh, and I also had Chipotle today . . . and I even started my son on the Chipotle bandwagon early by feeding him some tortilla which apparently he thought kicked serious ass.

  2. That is hysterical. I can see Jen having this conversation– very entertaining, thank you. As for puddle jumping- we do it as often as possible around here. Very fun! Carpe Diem! Towanda!

  3. Ew, that’s so gross, what was he going to do with it? I hope not eat it…I DO NOT want to see the placenta when I have my baby… I could never be a nurse 🙂

  4. Hi, I love your blog but honestly, I can’t see the fun in this story. Placenta IS the only meat product you can eat that doesn’t involve killing. If you think that placenta is “gross”, maybe you’d want to think about what makes you think so.

    Couldn’t restrain myself from piping in… because in fact, there’s nothing wrong or disgusting about eating placenta.


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