Lions Roar and little boys jump in puddles

I really love this new phase we are in with my son. I love the fact that I can talk to him and he can tell me what is on his mind. The other day, Jen and lil’ guy went to the zoo. When I saw him that night, he kept saying, “Lion ROAR Lion ROAR”. I could see that he was impressed.

I decided to take him to the zoo today, only thing is, its been raining for a few days now. And its cold. We get there, and half of the exhibits are closed. He asks for the lion, but then as we make our way through the zoo, we pass by a few puddles. He runs over to them to jump. I stop him. We’re in public, and it’s freezing. I drag him to the lions, but there are so many kids we can’t get close. So I decide to try the playground. That goes pretty well, but he wants me to go down the slide with him. So I drag myself up to the top of the slide, and then on the way down, hit a big pool of water. I am soaking wet. Now I’m cranky.

He asks to see the lion again, so we make our way over there again. But we pass by a whole row of big, fat juicy puddles. They call his name. He sneaks up to them and looks at me. I think, whatever, screw the lions.

“Go ahead,” I tell him.

He gets sopping wet and full of mud. I get quite a few looks from the other parents. But I think, we’ll just go home. So we leave the zoo entrance (but he had to chase a couple of peacocks first). I think, I will put him in the car, crank up the heat and take off his pants, get home soon.

But just as we are leaving, I notice the runners. As in hundreds of runners that are running through the zoo parking lot. They were having a 5k that was routed through the parking lot of the zoo. They weren’t just running through either. This part of the parking lot is just a narrow two lane stretch. They ran up on side, banged a U, and then ran down the other side. We were sopping wet, cold and stuck.  I was so annoyed. By the time the slow pokes ran by, I was giving them dirty looks and thinking, “Would you move your butt so I can get my wet baby home?” Lil’ guy and me will probably get sick, just in time for finals. Which is really just perfect considering how this semester has gone.

I am going to take him to the toy store now. We need some new toys around here.


One thought on “Lions Roar and little boys jump in puddles

  1. My house looks like Toys R Us threw up in it.

    Oh, and your comment on my blog about Nina was hilarious. I think you’re right – she tried out for those soap operas and couldn’t get the part and is bitter. Very, very bitter. I bet she hides some booze in Star’s butt.

    Also, don’t hate too much on the slow pokes . . . I’m sure if I were running the 5k, I’d be the last poor schmuck struggling through the puddles.

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