The end is near

I am friends at school with a cute girl from the South. She is not in my section, but her locker is near mine, and sometimes we ride the T home together.

The other night she was telling me that she wasn’t going home. She had to go panty shopping (imagine someone with a cute Southern accent saying this.)

Why? I asked. Are you trying to avoid laundry?

No. No. All her laundry was done, she assured me, it was just…someone might see them.

Gentle reader, once upon a time, I would have known new panties meant a new love. Now I think you are trying to get out of your housework.

At any rate, its nearing finals, and blogging will probably be light for the next few weeks. Leaseholds and fee simple estates are hurling towards me at an alarming velocity. I have real covenants to explore and the Erie doctrine to digest. I must get over my moral objection to the Hand formula and learn to apply it.

To those taking finals..good luck. And Good luck to those who are TTC.
I will check in as often as I can. After my finals, my family is going to P-town for a week. And then my super three day a week intern starts. I can’t wait.


12 thoughts on “The end is near

  1. *shudder* Erie doctrine. If you want outlines, I’ll hook you up (not that you’d want mine, but hey, just in case you do).

    Heh – no panties for me DEFINITELY means I need to do laundry. Or possibly that I’ve put my skanky ole undies in the wash so many times that they’ve shredded into nothingness and I have to replace them.

    I’m DEAD sexy!

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  4. In my world new panties means I burnt the cookies that I baked which were supposed to distract him from the fact that I’d fucked up dinner.

    Dinner was meant to be extra yummy so he wouldn’t notice that I played tennis instead of washing the windows.

    Oh, and then it cost us $225 to have someone wash the windows.

    So yeah, new panties… knee pads… whatever…

  5. Sure, you can stow away in our luggage. I love that web site you sent. I will have to make sure that I wave when I walk past that store.

    (It looks pretty empty right now though, doesn’t it)

  6. lol yeah it does but I bet its still a bit chilly there

    youll have to take pics and post them so we can all miss ptown and be envious of your vacation

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