What my legal education gets me….

Godiva BunnyJen was putting together the baby’s Easter basket for Sunday.

Me: Hey, there are no chocolate bunnies. How can you have an Easter basket with out chocolate bunnies?

Jen: Everyone is on my case about the chocolate bunnies. I don’t like chocolate bunnies.

Me: Really? Why not.

Jen: First of all the chocolate is crappy.

Me: I could go to Godiva.

Jen: He doesn’t need fancy chocolate!

Me (the wheels of legal analysis turning in my brain): Wait. How can one moment you say the chocolate is too crappy to eat, and the next moment say that he doesn’t need good chocolate….

Jen: Oh, all right. Go get the chocolate bunnies.

Six months of law school, and I can effectively argue for chocolate bunnies.


13 thoughts on “What my legal education gets me….

  1. Great story. And Jen has my sympathies. 🙂

    My husband’s father was a lawyer, and that kind of lawyer-argument thinking seems to have been ingrained on him during his childhood. That chocolate bunny exchange happens in my house all the time….so funny.

  2. You’re already a litigator!
    My 1L friend started lecturing us – saying we couldn’t go on a cruise because there are no real laws that covern waters. (She actually used real legal wording but I just heard the Charlie Brown mom voice)
    I guess it happens to the best of you… 😉

  3. Wait until the kid starts negotiating. When my friend at work (who is also married to a lawyer) went to the kindergarten parent-teacher conference, the first thing they asked was, “Which one of you is a lawyer?” Apparently, their son had a habit of trying to get his time-outs knocked down to “quiet time with toys.” I thought that was hilarious, but they were mortified.

  4. Although I have decided to walk the path of Judaism, I *still* insist on eating my chocolate bunny every spring. Although now, instead of eating it on easter, my love surprises me with one on the vernal equinox. And then I promptly eat the ears off. 🙂 I do agree with Jen that most chocolate bunnies are made of crap chocolate. Ty (my partner) introduced me to good dark chocolate early in our relationship, and from then on ruined my ability to enjoy crappy chocolate ever again. Luckily we have a chocolate shop in town that sells dark chocolate bunnies – with big ears!

  5. I stumbled across your blog from a local friend of mine….your an inspiration. I am headed back to school this May with intent on attending law school “late in life” at the ripe old age of 32. I read your blog and think of what quite possibly is coming my way. Thank you for your wit and insight, I’ll be checking on you periodically.

  6. I’ve never had a chocolate bunny. But then again, I didn’t know Godiva made them. Now I’m interested. Glad to see you can bring home your education to work for you! Nothing better than making your partner change her mind with persuasion and reason. ox

  7. Thing is, if jurisdiction over the person doesn’t extend to bunnies, Jen wins.

    On a related note, if one more person in our class says “incentivize,” I’m going to yell out another choice word, and you can bet it won’t be pretty.

  8. I grew up on the witness stand.

    Let the little guy get away with a few things when he’s older… just to humor him.

    It is so awful being the (somewhat stoned) child of a litigator.

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