Random Wednesday

These are the things that happened to me today:

My wife and son barged in on my legal writing class! It was so disorienting for my worlds to be colliding as such, I literally thought, “Why is this woman and her baby in my class? Why is that baby calling me Mommy? My god, that’s my baby!” Jen was locked out of the house, and had come to the law school looking for me. Found me!

Later, when I was walking my little dog down the street, a guy in a van pulls up and asks, “Hey, is that a medium size dog?” I look down at my small dog, and say, “No, she’s a small dog.” He goes on, “She’s a medium size dog. I have a wardrobe for medium size dogs. I can sell you a fur collar.” To which I replied, “She does NOT wear fur!”

Two missionaries came to the door,  I think that they were a grandfather and grandson. When I opened the door, they hand me a pamphlet. The grandfather says, “This is literature about achieving Eternal Life.” Not trying to be a smart ass, but being very tired, I replied, “Oh, I am not really interested in eternal life.”

 One last thing. I sometimes talked about the Girl Who Sits Next to Me. Well, the girl who sits next to me has started a blog. She is a poet and a wit. I think it is going to be great. Go check it out:

Virgin in the Volcano 


7 thoughts on “Random Wednesday

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  2. Don’t the things that come out of your mouth surprise you sometimes? I love the “I’m not interested in eternal life” line. I totally understand, and can hear myself saying that to someone!

    The merging lives things is trippy. In order to be efficient, I know I – and probably most of us in this boat – have to separate our lives with some fairly clean borders. It’s the only way to be able to focus on whatever we are to be doing in the moment – and when those borders get blurry – BAM! Knocked off our game 🙂 Sometimes it is good to experience the merging thing, but as a planned event, not a surprise!

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