So many things go wrong, in so short a period of time

My moot court teamed turned in our briefs yesterday. There were two parts, one was to hand in hard copies at the office, the second part was to email a copy to the department. In class, they had emphasized again and again that this was strict liability. It didn’t matter if we died on our way up to the 7th floor, we had to turn it in.
I turned in the hard copies, and my partner emailed them. Everything was fine, and I was relieved it was over. After midnight last night, I received a message that said they never received the email. She says she sent it at 2:30.  I believe her. My theory is that it got caught in some sort of spam blocker.

Then this morning, we got a big fat negative on the pregnancy test.  It was disappointing. For whatever reason, I was just positive that Jen was pregnant.

But as my Tort professor says, “Onward”. We will try getting pregnant next month, and we will go talk to our writing professor about the email.


5 thoughts on “So many things go wrong, in so short a period of time

  1. Sorry about the negative. I’ll be throwing 1/2 my good wishes your way for next month. 🙂
    As for the brief, we drove our 1L friend directly to her class to turn hers in. They’re so strict about that ‘lil ‘ol thing… I’m sure they’ll figure out and forgive about the email.

  2. So sorry about the negative, so disappointing. I did think the idea about Jen Standing on her head to get pregnant was a funny. Maybe she could do that and you could take a picture of her conceiving your baby. Good luck next time.

  3. Awww that is disappointing….

    See you just have to become friends with me – it seems like all my friends are getting pregnant right now. Send the wifey over to hang out with me for a bit and I promise (at least that seems to be the trend) that she will be pregnant soon!

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