Desperate times call for desperate measures

I have decided to try something radical. I need to pull my head out of the clouds and get into this semester. The semester started off on the wrong foot. I was really sick for the first two weeks, and I never really got myself focus after that. So I have decided to swear off the internet for the day. I had the realization that I was not getting myself $100,000 in debt to gchat and play Scrabulous. I will see how it goes. Actually, I am updating this in contracts, so this is it for the internet today.


4 thoughts on “Desperate times call for desperate measures

  1. Man, that is a seriously radical concept! I wonder if I should try that… (Seriously, I was all ready to pull it together this semester and then it went to shit and hasn’t stopped since, but getting off the ‘net might help…)

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