Because I am the Sea Captain

For many years, I worked as an administrative assistant, so my typing is pretty fast (my spelling is another story). I take really good notes because I just type along as the professor talks. The people who sit next to me occasionally glance over at my screen in case they missed anything.

I was on call for Torts. The professor kept asking if I had a duty of care in certain situations. If I am a homeowner, do I need to try and rescue a trespasser who has fallen in quicksand? What about a bear trap? I wasn’t really sure so I was hemming and hawing. A few weeks ago, he had talked about sea captains and how they have a duty of care to the crew because he is pretty much the only one who can rescue them. Apparently, this is analogous to being a homeowner. He said, you have a duty of care because its like you are a sea captain.

So I am typing along and my friend who sits next to me starts to laugh. She points at my screen. I had written,

“If someone gets caught in a bear trap, you have to help them because you are the sea captain.”

When will this stop being funny? It just made me realize how ridiculous these hypos are. Am I going to be defending sea captains? Are we plagued with bears and everyone is running out and planting traps?

But I promise you, if you fall into quick sand on my property, I will help you. I have too, because I am the sea captain. Aye Matey!


7 thoughts on “Because I am the Sea Captain

  1. LOL! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks some of the analogies are pretty hilarious (or who writes down ridiculous things because I’m putting my 85wpm to good use).

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  3. That is funny! We law students get our laughs in the strangest ways.

    Here’s one:
    Classmate to another: (About to ask a serious question on citations.) What if you have two cases….
    Me (interupting): …and you lose one. How many do you have left?

    I think I am very funny. So does the person I was speaking to. The person asking the question did not even hear me due to her remarkable ability to block out the smarta** comments continuously errupting from our dinner table.

    Have fun and laugh whenever you can!

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