She gets a clue and gets a job

I think when I am done with law school, and after I have won American Idol, I am going to write a book. It’s going to be one of those law school guides. I am going to call it, “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Law School.” Chapter number 5, Summer Internships. So I have been interviewing at different courts for the summer. Everything was really interesting, when I got an interview for this one little court in the corner of the state. I go down and chat, and its seems ok, but then his Honor said the magic words: Part Time. Three days a week! My ears perked up, and when he said it was mine, I  did a jig on the desk.

Do you know what that means? I will only have to spend 3 days a week at work, and can spend 4 with my boy. How great is that? Plus, there are three other interns there, so you know I’m not going to be doing all the work. I can’t wait for summer.


6 thoughts on “She gets a clue and gets a job

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