Help! Parenting 911

eatingMy son won’t eat his vegetables. I know what you are thinking, “welcome to the club.” But seriously, he won’t eat his vegetables. I show him a plate of spinach, and literally, he runs away screaming. I ask him, “Don’t you want to grow up big and strong?” He responds, “No.”

He does eat fruit, and we give him a vitamin, but I’m worried. The pediatrician says, just don’t feed him and he will eventually break down. But wow, he’s only two. I don’t think he has that cause and effect thing figured out yet.

We tried Jessica Seinfeld’s book where you hide the vegetables. Jen and I love the macaroni and cheese. Little guy, wouldn’t touch a bite.

So I was wondering…what do you guys do? Do you beg? Do you cry? Do you just let them starve? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

PS – he is really a good boy. I feel like I have been chronicling his misdeeds lately. Two is fun, but boy is it different from one. He just has so many opinions now.


10 thoughts on “Help! Parenting 911

  1. Have you tried ketchup? Cheese? Dipping sauces?

    The other tip I’ve heard is just to reintroduce them periodically and hope eventually they give up and try. Pumpkinhead was always a great veggie eater… until he turned four and now he is going through the Terrible Twos where everything is disgusting and yuck and he is the pickiest kid on the planet, living on chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese and mac & cheese. Sigh… He will occasionally eat green beans, but only if he can dip them in ketchup. He will also sometimes eat raw carrots, again if he can dip them in ranch. And apparently he will eat celery/peanut butter at school (but that’s probably too much of a choking hazard for your two year-old!)

    Good luck!

  2. My kid won’t eat veggies either. He’s 6 months old, so I know he doesn’t have any “screw you” type motivations, but I can tell that it’s going to be a long battle. He hates them ALL – even shudders when I feed him certain ones (like green beans).

    His father also hates vegetables, and he’s still alive, so I’m guessing if he doesn’t eat them it’s not going to kill him. Give him some Pedialite. He’ll make it to adulthood. 🙂

  3. I have two kids and there were two different revolts. Here’s what we tried in no particular order and I can’t remember what worked for which child.

    1. Serve a veggie with every meal every day and don’t make a fuss about it.
    2. Serve a veggie with every meal every day and insist on just one bite.
    3. Introduce Ranch Dressing. Ugh.
    4. Bring them to the grocery store/farmers market and let them choose
    5. Tell them that Asparagus makes your pee smelly and won’t that be fun?
    6. Buy canned veggies
    7. Zucchini bread
    8. Carrot sticks
    9. Cucumber sushi rolls
    10. Salad as a meal
    11. Shredded broccoli slaw

    And if all else fails just give him fruit and call it a day.

  4. Googie- We do a little of all of the above with H. We ALWAYS have a veggie on the plate, usually we offer some sort of dipping sauce. Don’t make a big deal about it. One thing I read said that parents say what food and when and kids say how much. It has been helpful guidance. Also, it helps me to remember that her tummy is as big as her fist (or something like that) so if she is drinking a lot of liquid near meal time she won’t be intrested in any food really. Good luck. He’ll come around.

  5. Our Princess, famous for the saying, “Me no like ___ (fill in the blank), is going to be three this weekend. The only vegetable she will eat is canned green beans. We are happy that we have recently progressed from a screaming tantrum and insistence on removing the offending vegetable from her plate to acceptance that it can be on her plate, she will look at it, but does not have to eat it. Progress – take it where you can get it!

    Too much other stuff to worry about than stressing over the veggies. I’ve read how kids may have to try things 8 or 11 times (more?) before they might accept them. Keep trying. I figure, one day, she will accidentally try corn or peas, and it will not be the end of the world as she seems certain it will be. She just might like something….and I don’t care if she’d dipped it in ketchup or applesauce or ranch dressing first.

  6. **The pediatrician says, just don’t feed him and he will eventually break down.**

    Talk about tough love!

    Well my baby recently made it to age 20 and is remarkably healthy. He ate spinach, raw, in salads a dozen times a year and corn on the cob maybe half as often. My pedi told me that kids eat what their bodies need if it’s available. So like the suggestions above……have it available and relax.

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