Everybody needs a cheering squad

Thanks for all of the supportive comments about the grades. I appreciate it. I had a hard week. I have been sick, sick, sick with a cold. My moot court partner told me I sound like I have emphysema. Plus, my son has been having separation anxiety, and I have to get my moot court brief ready for Monday. So I just was kind of wondering, at what point did I decide law school was a good idea. You guys cheered me up as I read the posts. Thanks. Your the best.


2 thoughts on “Everybody needs a cheering squad

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  2. Ah….we all wonder that from time to time.

    What part of this strange torture seemed like a good idea?

    Right. The money, the prestige….all wiped out by paying back law school loans.

    We must be in it for something….you will remember! The fun of carrying way too heavy books? Opportunity to miss a lot of sleep? Chance at being humiliated in front of a group of your peers?

    Hang in – it will be worth it. Someday you will have great war stories and a badge of honor!

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