I was working on my Moot Court brief with my partners, and we were having trouble with part of the research. They sent me up to the reference librarian, and he had trouble too. He worked on my issue so long, a line formed by his desk of other students who needed his help. There was a very young law review student who was second in line, and clearly irritated that she had to wait. She kept checking her watch and tapping her toes.

The librarian looked up and joked, “This is like waiting for Van Halen tickets.” Nobody laughed, but I gave him a sympathy smile.

 “Well, I guess no one goes to Van Halen concerts anymore,” he said.

 I hesitated to offer this information, but I said, “Actually, I went to a Van Halen  concert.”

“Really, you? With Sammy Hagar?”

“Uh, no. David Lee Roth.”

 “Wasn’t that in the 70’s?”

 “Nnnnoooo! It was 1984. Their 1984 tour.”

 And then the law review girl pipes up, “I was born in 1984.”

Both me and the librarian screech, “Don’t tell me that!”

Oh Googie, Googie, Googie, what are you doing here? But I decided there are a whole bunch of age inappropriate things I want to do. Right after I get my law degree, I am going to try out for American Idol. I think I will sing this song:



7 thoughts on “1984

  1. The law librarians at my school are always over eager to help… they will spend as much time as needed to find what we are looking for (after a while I just want to leave and find the answer on my own though).

    Trying out for American Idol, is a lofty goal- I admire you 🙂 If I had to sing in front of a camera, I know I would shrivel up– In fact, I think I’d rather be in law school. lol.

  2. Law review girl, and all others like her, can kiss my ass. There should be more stringent standards to get into law school. Instead of, “What was your lsat score?” they should ask, “Have you ever had a job?” That would probably eliminate about half the schmucks currently in law school, especially the ones who were born in 1984.

  3. That’s like the radio commercial for pay-as-you-go cell phones. The clerk asks a custom for a deposit on a CD. The guy asks what you can get without a deposit. The clerk replies “Records” The girl asks “What’s a record?” (I give the radio a hearty F/U) and then the girl squeals “They are like really big CDs!” (I second my F/U.)

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  5. Awwww theres nothing wrong with being born in 1984….everyones got to start somewhere….and once upon a time you were the one who no one wanted to know your birth year.

  6. I’m way tired of young law students in general . . . people who go to law school having never lived in the “real” world with things like “real” jobs and “real” mortgage payments . . . and “real” kids. I think they’re delusional. Man – I just re-read that – I sound old! Scary!

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