Project Runway, Law school edition

On Project Runway, you always get an idea of who is going to win the challenge, and who is going to be Auf Wiedersehen. The judges always go crazy over a couple of the dresses, and then rip into someone else, There is just no JOY there…

In between these two contestants, there are a bunch of people who just get a pass. Heidi says something along the lines of, “You have enough points to make it to the next round.” They don’t get a lot of fanfare or attention, they are just moving along to the next round. I imagine that they are both relieved and disappointed.

So our grades came out, and I am pretty much the middle contestant. We have a B+ curve at our school, and I got straight B+s. I am not going to be asked to leave, but I’m not a star either. I’m keeping up.

The funny thing is that in undergrad at Northwestern, I barely drew a sober breath. I graduated with a 3.3 average. I always sort of wondered what would happen if I had really applied myself. Now I am killing myself, and I have … a 3.3 average!


7 thoughts on “Project Runway, Law school edition

  1. Take it from me, middle of the pack is better than the bottom. 🙂 But maybe you’ll find (and I’ve heard this happens) that some of the higher people rest on their laurels and go down next semester. So keep up the good work and you’ll stay ahead!!

  2. I agree with PT-LawMom, the middle of the pack can be a great place to be. Just think about the 50% of your class who is in the bottom 50%. Sometimes I think about those poor people in the bottom 10% of the class, just to make myself feel better. Weird, I know.

  3. Hey – I feel your pain, I really do. I HATE being average, especially when I am working hard. My grades have run the gamut from really good to barely above really bad. I have to keep telling myself, as do others, that for students like us, school is not our entire life. You are a mom, and a partner, and if I recall, have a job other than school. It is really difficult to balance all those things. Nothing gets our full attention, which means, to some extent, everything is sacrificed, at least in part. I still don’t like that, but it is reality.

    This should make you feel better – you got into law school. If yours is anything like mine, only 10% of those who applied got in. You are already WAY ahead of the curve.

    Hang in there! You are doing great!

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