I noticed that Boston Maggie had given herself a report card. I thought that was kind of fun, so while I wait for my real grades, I decided to give myself a report card too. But I decided to take a Montessori approach instead. So here are the tasks I have mastered these last three weeks of vacation and tasks that still need work:


Egg Freezing

Mastered. Done. Won’t be doing again.


Halfway mastered. The windows are deleaded, but the workers left the place looking like the 9th Ward. Once this place is cleaned up, this task will be completed.

Summer Internship

Really wanted to be farther along on this one. Sent out about 100 resumes, and I have two interviews.

Weight loss and exercise

It’s a darn good thing this is a Montessori school because this one would have killed my GPA.

Singing Thomas the Tank Engine 100 hundred times in a row while driving down 93

Mastered. Completely


4 thoughts on “Grades

  1. Ha! I like the egg-freezing part. I’ve gone through the same process, but for some reason while I was reading the post I kept picturing you putting chicken eggs in your freezer and thinking, “I don’t remember her writing about that.” Duh. Pregnancy is clearly ruining my brain.

    Also, regarding the comment you left on my last post – I won’t tell you to bite me! But I will point out that it’s been like three years since I bothered to color my hair, so I guess there’s no loss there! The pre-pregnancy nightlife was also pre-law-school nightlife.

  2. thought process of someone who is not all there…

    “egg freezing?
    can you freeze eggs?
    em, why do i care i don’t eat eggs!
    can you freeze eggs”

    then reading newduck’s comment…
    “aaaahhhhhh, eggs for babies, not chook eggs, duh”

    moving on to number five which explains the above, but mine’s not thomas it’s some other mind numbing tune, that i won’t mention for fear of it being stuck in my head all night.

    thank g*d for dan zanes, now that keeps the whole family happy (and somewhat sane!).

  3. I just wanted to say thank you….this may be kind of odd but my girlfriend just recently left me and Ive spent the last few days losing myself into your blog to help me forget.
    I am fairly recently out and have no gay/lesbian friends so its nice to see a settled stable lesbian family in the boston area (its shockingly hard to make friends in the gay community in this area…or is that just me?)
    Anyway (sorry I ramble) so I just wanted to say thank you and you and your wife are an inspiration for me

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