Praying for Snow

The construction workers have finally moved out.  We are deleading our house, and we moved into the downstairs condo for the week. It seemed perfect at the time, but we could hear everything going on upstairs. Every argument in Spanish, every bang, every dropped pot. We finally came up to take a look, and its like a hurricane hit. Our stuff is just every which way. I am kind of freaked out because I don’t know how I am going to get everything put back with school starting. They broke the baby’s new train table, so I am going to have the call the guy tomorrow to discuss it.


I am kinda freaked out about all of this because I am one of those people who needs her house in order so I can function.  So I am praying for snow – a lot of it. Enough that the school will be forced to cancel Moot Court tomorrow and I can stay home.



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