We got kicked out of a restaurant!

I hope Sue doesn’t read this post because I don’t think she would approve of my behavior.

The Purple Cactus is a restaurant in JP that serves healthy food – fast. It employs a lot of hipsters with tongue piercings and fedoras. So seriously, its like a fast food restaurant with an attitude. Anyway, we took lil’ guy there to grab some dinner.

Now, at his resting state, my son has the disposition of a spider monkey. He is sleeping now, but if he was awake, he would be pounding on the keyboard, climbing onto the table, swinging from the chandeliers, and demanding that I grill him a hot dog and sing him the Thomas the Tank Engine Theme song. I’m sure I could get him a prescription for Ritalin if I were the type of mom to drug her kid.

Anyway, they were playing this really hard punk rock music which apparently excited him because he starting running around and screeching. I tried to contain him but all of their chairs are really high and hard for adults to sit on, let alone toddlers. Besides, I was eating my salad. Anyway, this goes on for a bit, and suddenly, someone screams “ENOUGH!” Everybody jumped except for the baby, who couldn’t of cared less.

Now anyone who knows my wife knows that she has the sweetest disposition ever. I looked over at her, and she had steam coming out of her ears. She never gets mad and she was pissed.

“He yelled at our kid!” She fumed. She takes our son outside, and I finish my salad. They come back in to get me, and lil’ guy comes in screaming, “HI MAMAAA!”

I was telling this to a friend of mine, and she said, “For god’s sakes. Its a fast food restaurant. Its not like you were at Legal Seafoods.”

“Actually, we took him to Legal’s last night…” 

They were much nicer there. I guess if you pay $10 an oyster, they let your kid inflict mayhem.


6 thoughts on “We got kicked out of a restaurant!

  1. And here’s where you have me pegged wrong. Fast food restaurants are for children.

    As for yelling at my kids. It’s not something I recommend as I can’t promise you’ll live to see tomorrow.

    I’m with Jen. Kill the fucker.

  2. Don’t you think that perhaps the customer who yelled at your son might have been a little justified? I am a mother as well, and i would be humiliated beyond belief if my child misbehaved to the point that random strangers yelled at her.

    It doesn’t sound like a restaurant that plays loud punk music and has chairs too high for toddlers is perhaps the best place for unattended children. Perhaps the customer just wanted to enjoy his meal in peace and quiet, like you were enjoying your salad.

  3. Hi Oh, really,

    I don’t really have time to engage you in this. Not because your points aren’t substantial, but I have a legal memo to write. But I am just so taken aback that you state that you would be humiliated by your child’s behavior. I may sometimes think that I made a bad decision, but I am not humiliated by my son’s natural behavior. What are you going to do when she is sixteen and decides to intentionally provoke you? Or are you going to try and control her so much that you squeeze the life out of her. I hope you understand, I have a different agenda than you. I want to encourage my son to be who he is meant to be, not who I think he should be. I have a feeling we are very different mothers.

    And as far as the Purple Cactus, like my friend D says, I will act like its a real restaurant when they give me real chairs to sit in.

  4. Purple Cactus pisses me off. They used to have a sign that for all intents and purposes read “Got a little kid? You aren’t welcome here.” That was when they had two low tables. Then last year when they did the update of their space, they managed to find even *worse* seating. Which I am absolutely certain was done on purpose.

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