I’m a switcher!

Never in my life did I think I would become a “Mac” person. They always seemed so snobby, “Eww, I wouldn’t touch a p.c” like it was a dead rodent or something.And those presumptuous commercials with John Lennon. “Think Different”. Like buying a mac makes you a revolutionary or something.

But at the beginning of the semester I bought a really expensive laptop from Toshiba. I have to say, it has turned me from a mild mannered gentlewoman, to a raving, hostile maniac who wants to hurl it across the Tobin Bridge. It crashes continually, won’t let me open pdfs, and continually bounces me off the VPN. It crashed on me one too many times yesterday, and when I logged back on, I received a message saying that I could try a web search to look for a fix for my computer problems. I thought, screw you. I am buying a Mac.

I have to admit, I felt pretty cool in the Apple store. I have never used a Mac, so I am a little disoriented. Normally, I type my blog posts out in word, and then paste then into the interface. I can’t figure out how to open the text editor, so I am typing right into wordpress.

But its neat. When I first opened up the computer, it sang to me and flashed hello in several different languages. My PC never sang to me, just gave me a bunch of commands with its little pop ups. So I am hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.    


5 thoughts on “I’m a switcher!

  1. Oh, I love Macs. I’ve been using them forever. I only use a PC because at work that’s what they have. So I have to be ‘bi’ in the world of computers. But I’m a Mac-er all the way.

  2. Rhea, if I have any questions, can I email you. Like – how do I open the Word application, only its not word, its the Mac equivalent. Whatever that is.

  3. You should be able to get Word for about $20 from your law school. I would recommend it. Other than that, all Mac things rock. You should add Firefox (much more functionality than Safari). You will find that Preview works just like Adobe. You can even OCR docs (cut and paste PDF text into Word). I adore my Mac. 🙂

  4. And CS3 for editing those baby pictures

    And an iPhone and…

    Aw heck.

    Right now I’m on a PC, I have two PC laptops an iMac, an iPhone and Granny bought Eve a Mac laptop (what do you call that?).

    Interesting that Adam uses the mac (which is not His) and Mr. Nim doesn’t plug in much at home.

    I’m all over place because I’m terrified of not knowing the latest and greatest so I use both.

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