The difference between Jen and me

After Jen and I had been dating a week, her roommate said, “I think you guys are a great couple. You’re very different, but you come together on the important issues.” We both broke out laughing. What important issues? We were having fun kissing all night long.

Turns out, roommate was right. We’re different and alike. Take politics. We are both really into it. But I have to admit, Jen’s interest is a little more substantial. She reads all the local papers. Ask her about a local issue whether it’s the problems with the crime labs, the teachers union or local pilot schools, she knows all about it.

For me, politics is like a sporting event. I was so excited last night. At one point, Obama and Hillary were really close – it was like 37% to 39%. I was refreshing the screen on and watching NECN to follow the results. I was jumping up and down and screaming at the t.v.

I said to Jen, “This is like a horse race!”

To which she responded, “This is like watching a snail crawl across the screen.”


“Googie, those numbers don’t move from moment to moment, we could come back in a half an hour and see the update”

Me, running around in circles, “OH MY GOD! The results from Manchester just came in!”

I was still excited this morning when I woke up, and felt the need to hear the Hot for Hillary song again. So I reposted it:


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