Kisses and Cupcakes

So the last couple of days, I realized it wasn’t going to be all kisses and cupcakes around here. I have a lot to do. First and foremost, I have to find a summer internship, preferably something that is somewhat related to the law. I am getting the feeling I am way behind everybody else on this. Some people have been sending out resumes since December the 1st. Me? I’ve been a little busy harvesting eggs and what not. Now I need to kick it into high gear. BUT we are deleading our house, so I have spent the last two days moving out of our condo. And lil’ guy is turning two on Saturday. Of course we are having a party with a Thomas the Tank Engine cake (sans the lead).

I’m just too damn busy for all of this law shit.


4 thoughts on “Kisses and Cupcakes

  1. general day to day stuff can be tricky to juggle, then add making babies, lead free home and law school… you know that you are already in high gear!

    enjoy your beautiful boy’s birthday, and i think there is stll some space left to sqeeze in those kisses and cupcakes 🙂

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  3. I found you throught the mention on PT-Law Mom’s blog. Your blog layout is very calming even if your post content isn’t. 🙂 I hope you survived the weekend- in fact, i hope it was fabulous!

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