Black and Blue

I just took my constitutional law exam and it kicked my butt. I keep doing the post mortem thing where I remember relevant issues after the test, when it will no longer do me any good to remember them. Honestly, I don’t even know if I answered the questions.

This test had bad karma all over it. The exam was supposed to be yesterday, but it was cancelled because of the snowstorm that hit Boston. I left the library and my 30 minute drive home took me 4 ½ hours. 4 and ½ of sitting in traffic. I literally got out my case book and started reading as I was driving because we weren’t going anywhere. People were abandoning their cars left and right.

When I finally get home, I’m in a pissy mood and so is Jen because she was in the same traffic. We get into a fight, and now I am too upset to study. I do my best, reread the abortion cases and then go to bed around midnight.

I am glad I at least tried to read the abortion cases because they were all over the exam, but I’m not sure it did me any good. To be fair, once the proctor called time, everyone started moaning and groaning at how difficult it was, so I am not alone. They all headed off to the bar, and I grabbed a bag of Reese’s Pieces and headed to the library.

I was feeling a little lonely about everything. Its especially hard when Jen and I aren’t right with one another. But as I was getting my candy and coffee, I ran into a bunch of guys from my AA meeting. I felt like it was my higher power telling me to chin up and not sign up for Sous Chef lessons just yet.

Thanks for all of your well wishes everyone. I am turning my attention to Contracts, which is Monday morning and I haven’t even done an outline!


3 thoughts on “Black and Blue

  1. Don’t worry, I also have Contracts Monday, I just started my outline, I spent ALL DAY studying and I feel like I know nothing and my husband and I have been fighting for 3 days straight (because of my stress).

    Misery loves company, right? Let’s just all try to hang in there and think about reminiscing about how ridiculous this all *was* after it’s all over!

    Seriously, at the end of (or, actually, at the beginning of, but it doesn’t sound as good…) the day, I cuddle with my kids and think, really, this whole law school business is so not worth the anxiety we allow it to impose on our minds. Just try to remember what’s important in life-we’ll get through this and I’m confident that both of our relationships will survive (just from reading your blog).

    Good luck on your exam(s)!

  2. Just remember girls, getting through this year is your biggest battle. This is what I’m told:
    1L – They scare you to death
    2L – They work you to death
    3L – They bore you to death

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