While my fellow students are studying Civic Procedure

I’m running around town. I decided to run over to Brookline to visit Party Favors. They have great cupcakes and the cutest holiday decorations ever. In fact, the Halloween lights I bought there the day before Halloween are still lighting up my window panes.

So I thought I run over to Brookline and buy the Christmas decorations, but first I need to stop and get my birth control pills and something to eat. Why am I taking birth control? Because I am harvesting my eggs, and that is what they make you do. You take birth control to get pregnant. I know, it’s counterintuitive. Anyhow, so I picked up the birth control and decided to stop at the burrito place. Lil’ guy is in tow of course. At the burrito place, he is acting like a little angel, and I am thinking, “Wow, he is being so good.” But he wasn’t, of course. He was really just working on the biggest, most explosive poop ever. So I had to run him home and throw him the bathtub. No Christmas decorations, I’m bummed.

You might be wondering why the sudden urgency for Christmas decorations. It’s because this guy is coming by to pick up our chaise lounge tomorrow morning. Why are we getting rid of the chaise? To make room for the Christmas tree, duh.

Anyway, on Thursday night, I put an ad up on Craig’s List telling people if they were willing to pick up the Chaise, it was all theirs, for free. By 6:00 am that morning, I had about a gazillion replies. So I choose the first one reply. The guy is an Iraq vet, just back from the war, wanting to furnish his house for his wife and kids – so he says. You may be thinking that I want the Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree, but you would be wrong. I really just didn’t want the Iraq vet to think I’m trashy by having the decorations for the wrong holiday up. The alleged vet, that is.

My very first final, Civic Procedure is this Tuesday. But I can’t study when lil’ guy is awake, anyway. Do I know the difference between Rule 56 and Rule12(b)(6)? Nope. But I will, tonight!

Jen just called from the hospital. Can I pick her up? Oh, and drive her friend home too? Sure. Why the hell not?


3 thoughts on “While my fellow students are studying Civic Procedure

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