Don’t Panic but….

So I turn in my legal writing memo, my first graded assignment of my law school career. A couple days later, I get an email back from my professor. Its says, “Don’t panic, but I am sending this back to you. You seem to have a bedrock misunderstanding of what a legal memo is.”

Don’t panic! Bedrock misunderstanding! It was only a draft, so I went to talk to her after class. And she said, “The most intelligent students always have a hard time with this assignment.” That was awfully generous of her.

I am redoing it altogether. It’s beginning to dawn on me that I might not be one of the great legal minds of the 21st century.


8 thoughts on “Don’t Panic but….

  1. Wow. That was pretty harsh of her! GEEZ!!!

    Here’s the thing. I’ve been working in the legal field for a long time. The memos we did in class bear little resemblance to anything I’ve seen at the firms where I work and a 2L classmate who is interning at the GC’s office of a major local corporation, also said the same to me. Just learn what the teacher wants, do it, and get through. Then relearn what your partner wants.

  2. So Googie, I’m fascinated that you’ve determined your “legal mind” status in just a very few weeks. For the record, I’ll bet you’re incorrect. It WAS nice, I think, that the professor knew you were capable of figuring it out and let you do it again. You’re doing great I think.

  3. “The most intelligent students always have a hard time with this assignment.”

    Congratulations! Focus on that and block everything else.

    Just a little tip in living the “Maggie” life.

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  5. Reason 72 I didn’t go to law school.

    Who the fuck says “bedrock misunderstanding”. The only legal memo I care about is the one that says.


    To: The city of Los Angeles
    Re: Sue Doe-Nim

    Details: We finally got that crazy bitch off the road. Someone please claim their housewife at the West LA Station over off of Bundy Dr.

    That’s a legal memo.

  6. I would be totally lost. I had to read a bunch of that stuff in one of my jobs and I sort of got it…but it’s sort of like watching dogs talk amongst themselves for me. You sort of know what they are talking about but there is obviously some deeper meaning that I will never understand.

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