Thomas, we love you

ThomasMy son has become absolutely obsessed with Thomas the Tank engine. He wants to watch the Thomas video, while playing with his Thomas train set and wearing his Thomas pajamas.

Today we went with some friends to an amusement park where they had a real Thomas train that you could climb aboard and everything.

It seems there are a lot of kids with this obsession. I was a little distressed to see that many of them were older than my son. I thought this would be a passing interest and we could go onto Hello Kitty or something around Christmas time. But it looks like the trains could be here for a while.

An aside, it was great to be out with non law people. Two weeks in school, and its like I forgot I had a life before legal citations.


4 thoughts on “Thomas, we love you

  1. Gracie adored Thomas the Train for Sooo long! Seriously, it lasted for alteast two years. But it’s fun and there’s so much “stuff”!

    Glad you had some time out!

  2. Pumpkinhead isn’t as obsessed as some of his friends, but most of them adore Thomas. We found an awesome Thomas kit at WalMart yesterday on clearance for $7 – it had books, crayons, colored pencils, letter stencils, etc. He was totally psyched and now he has spent all morning watching Thomas videos and playing with his trains. Sometimes the littlest encouragement turns them back on to things so you never know how long a trend will last.

  3. Pearl went through a Thomas obsession when she was 2, but she has moved on. She still includes the trains in her stories, but it normalized. I wonder what it is about trains. – Robin (the other mother)

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