Look whose feeling overwhelmed….

bools.jpgJust a smidge. But really, I can’t complain because 1. I was warned and 2. It’s completely self inflicted.

What’s hardest about law school is the stuff you thought you had nailed down in elementary school, namely, reading and writing. Half way through the week, I was feeling like I had made a terrible mistake. All of the babies, I mean young adults in the class were sounding fantastic. I turned to my friend and asked, “How does a 22 year old gain such a sophisticated understanding of Article III of the Constitution?” Her answer surprised me. She told me they were no smarter than either of us, but they consulted this Wikipedia and lexus nexus on the cases. They then repeat what they have read in class. Secondary sources. I could read secondary sources, if I wasn’t so busy cleaning the oatmeal off the couch.

But if it sounds like I am complaining, I guess I am. But I will say, it’s been very interesting. It feels great to be actually thinking which was required of me so seldom back in the real world.


13 thoughts on “Look whose feeling overwhelmed….

  1. Ick on the table stack of books! 😦 I don’t use Lexis, but I have found Wikipedia to provide an amazingly helpful clarification of the early, landmark types of cases. I read first and then pull up Wiki to make sense of it all if I’m not clear. Westlaw also has Brief-It.

  2. Wow, look at all those books. As an 0L aspiring to be a 1L those books look quite scary.

    But as a mom of 3 I totally relate to the oatmeal on the couch along with a little ketchup on the carpet. Keep hanging in there you will find your stride

  3. you have being a lawyer in the bag, don’t even worry about the 200 gazzilion books you will need to know word for word… i just read your comments on “put yer tits away” at sue doe nim, how good are you at words!! (unlike me with that ) very impressed with your clear, concise and clever arguement. yay for you. (sorry, it’s 1am and i hope that made some sence).

  4. Hi ptlaw mom – at your suggestion, I tried the Wikipedia. Not bad.

    Hi Monique – thanks for the encouragement.

    Hi Michelle,
    What are you doing up at 1am? Anyway, I think you more eloquent than you know. And its funny what say, because I don’t think I would have gotten into it over at Sue’s blog, but two weeks in law school, and something in my brain has been switched on. I just want to ARGUE ARGUE ARGUE. Throw me an issue! I will argue!

  5. I just had to comment to tell you that I loooove the name and tagline of your blog. So, so funny. Also, I’m so impressed at what you’re doing–you’re very brave and I wish you all the best of luck. There’s a lot you have going for you that these 20 year old don’t. Take care.

  6. I use wikipedia all the time to look up stuff when I run across technology mumbo jumbo I don’t get. I used it just this morning to look up RFID. Who knew? Glad you are thinking…I can smell the wood burning all the way across the river. You rock….and are going to be one wicked great lawyer! I know it!

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  9. You are going to do just fine! I went back to grad skool in my 30’s and it was sort of daunting listening to the young’uns rattle off art speak. But this will all sink in and then you’ll have the upper hand. You’ll be able to reason and say things that aren’t just rote.

  10. Wikipedia is ok as long as you don’t rely on it too heavily. Remember, any a$$hole can edit the entries. You may read something hosed before it gets corrected. I like it as a starting point. I read their entry and then go find collaboration.

    As far as the books…that’s what my whole house looks like. It will go up like a tinderbox, there is so much fuel! LOL

    The oatmeal? It doesn’t go away, it just changes….pizza sauce at my place.

    Keep your nose to the grindstone, kid.

  11. Ha! I totally hear you. I ended up making my carpal tunnel symptoms worse by dragging/rolling around my way-too-heavy backpack!

    I frequently feel that the younger students are more well-spoken and have read the case much more carefully than I have. I’ve gotten to the point I read for the main idea – the holding – a bit of dicta, and frankly, I’m done. That doesn’t work well when you get called on in class and cut right to the chase, but hey – I’m balancing work, kids, school, I don’t have the room for all those tiny details that frankly, will not be on the final 🙂

    It all works out. I know it does. It will for you!

  12. Oh, the sight of those books brought back memories. Law school is hard and then there’s clerking and getting a job. Please believe all the hard work is going to be worthwhile! Sleep as much as you can, every chance you get!

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