Not bad for a girl from Sunnyslope, AZ

Survived my first day of law school. I have a lot of work to do, so this will probably be short. I am definitely acting spacey, so I think I am a little stressed. I have misplaced my glasses, so I can’t see. Then I walked into the wrong room and sat down. Someone from my section came in after me, which was sweet. Then, I left my power cord in my room, so hopefully, it will be there tomorrow. 

Mostly, I did ok. I realized with 90 people in my section, I have a little more than 1% chance of being called on at even given time, so I felt better. Strangely, not being able to see helped too. Everyone was just “out there” and I was where I was, and it was ok. 

Also, I was doing ok with the reading until I got to Marbury vs Madison. I read it and then thought, “Gee, I didn’t understand that.”

Read it again, “hmmm, still don’t get it.” 

Read it a third time and thought, “What the hell is this? WHAT ARE THEY SAYING? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I know it’s important, I get that. But what is it?” 

Fourth time, “Aaahh, judicial review.” Wink.  She gets it ladies and gentleman!


10 thoughts on “Not bad for a girl from Sunnyslope, AZ

  1. “Strangely, not being able to see helped too. Everyone was just “out there” and I was where I was, and it was ok. ”

    See Googie, that’s why I spent my undergrad years stoned.

    It was a strategy!

  2. Hi, first off, congrats on your first day of law school! Good for you! Way to go! And secondly, I just came across your blog from google, oddly enough, and wanted to introduce myself. My wife and I also live in Boston and are ttc #1, while I’m in grad school and she’s working as a nanny. I’m looking to start up an in-real-life group of those of us who are trying right now, trying in the near future and so on. Stop by my blog if you’re interested!
    Good luck with your second day of law school too!

  3. Googie! Congrats on your first day!

    All that stuff will start to just slide in and you’ll understand it. I had a gig where I had to read the damn Federal Register every morning. Turns out…if you just keep pretending you are reading it…it eventually makes sense. Sort of like foreign languages.

    I’ve been having a hard time getting your page to load. It’s my crappy connection…its almost up to 26K tonight so I’m catching up!

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