So it begins

I went to a pre-orientation activity today, and met some of my classmates. It was a “service day” where we volunteer around Boston. Since, I am shy I thought that might be a good way to get to know people.

My classmates were shockingly young. I felt pensive and somewhat vulnerable talking to them. It’s always like that when I first meet people. And then I start thinking about how different I am: I’m gay, I’m in my thirties, I don’t drink. You get the picture. Jen assures me that these are all normal feelings. It can be hard to figure out your place. I have also skipped all of the parties because of a lack of a babysitter. But that’s kind of ok too. There is a party tonight, but I really just wanted to come home to my family.

Tomorrow, the real orientation begins. I’m so nervous.


7 thoughts on “So it begins

  1. sholders back, head up! you are probably the most interesting person in the room 🙂 wouldn’t it be great to really know how people are feeling in a situation like that, i’m sure everyone felt nervous. good luck tomorrow, not that you need it.

  2. I started my master’s program when Adam was and infant.

    It was a different experience for me than for the others and parts of it were lonely and scary but the rest of it was richer and more layered than it could have been in my twenties.

    Just resist the urge to burp your classmates and all will be well.

    I’m so very pleased for you.

  3. LOL! During class yesterday, our Contracts prof was going to refer to something from awhile ago, and, after realizing that the class may be too young to get the reference, he said, “Well, maybe you guys are too young to know what I’m talking about…what year were you all born?”

    The class resonated with (1983, 1984, 1983, 1984). I just about died!!! How can these kids be old enough to be in college, let alone law school???

  4. I was shocked at the amount of alcohol-centered activities sponsored by my school. I do drink (occasionally), but I’d rather spend time with my child and I can’t exactly take him to a bar. Especially in my part-time class where many of us have kids and work full-time, this really surprised me. At the end of our first semester, I just took the bull by the horns and planned a family-oriented event (a picnic). You could always just take the reins and plan something! It was a lot of fun and at least half the class showed up.

  5. One of my best friends is a 1L. She just finished orientation and her first week of LAW SCHOOL!

    Can I just say how proud I am of both of you? & a little jealous that you’re living my dream? ahhh, one day. Be sure to talk about all the good stuff along with the stressful stuff. You’d hate to be the reason I don’t do it, right? 🙂

    Good for you!

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