Shock and dismay

So after reading my last blog post, my wife comes up to me and expresses shock and dismay that I voted for George Bush. 

“It was the first George Bush,” I remind her. 

“But still,” she insists. 

“I was 18. I’m from a Republican family.” 

“I guess I am just surprised. I have always voted democratic,” she says, real uppity like.

But that’s not true, I couldn’t help but point out, “The year we met, you voted for Nader. You could argue that your vote for Nader threw the election to Bush.” 

She protested that living in Massachusetts, it didn’t matter, the electoral votes went to Gore. But with that logic, my vote for Bush didn’t matter either, since I was living in Illinois at the time. It’s more the principle of the matter. 

So who do you think did more damage? My vote for Bush Sr or her vote for Nader?




7 thoughts on “Shock and dismay

  1. This is exactly my home. Beloved voted for Nader in 2000 (I didn’t vote … I was still between fundamentalism and atheism, and didn’t know what to do, so I abstained), and I was a Papa Bush devotee, and campaigned for him in (92?). I was so sad when Clinton won the first time.

    The answer? Whatever. We both did the best we could for the time we were in. Who could foresee what was to come? Could I foresee that the policies I was advocating would make me PUKE in the future? No. Could Beloved foresee that 9/11 would happen, and that a Nader vote would result in the civil rights catastrophe and world poopiness that followed?

    Right? We can’t blame our spouses for the evil that is Georgie Porgy.

  2. I was into Nader. I think if you really want change, you have to live with the ‘backs and forths’ that come with it. Change is incremental. If you keep hedging and not voting for someone you really want, it will never happen. So votes for Nader were — in my book — a good thing.

  3. OhMyGoodness after I get done blogging about Step-Grampa Doe and his “boyfriend” remind me to tell you about what happened when Granny Doe found out he enlisted in Viet-Nam.

    Yup, he enlisted and she married him.

    It’s okay, your marriage will survive. It’s been roughly 20 years since the big reveal and she’s almost over it.

  4. Well, your first vote is sort of a weird one. I think I voted libertarian my first time. I’m relatively sure I had no idea what the word meant. It just sounded sort of cool.

  5. I voted for Bush Sr too, but only in the mock election held at my private Christian school. Clinton only got 12 votes. Most people thought all those kids were going to hell.

    By the time the 2004 election came around, I was not only old enough to vote but completely disillusioned with the Right. So I voted for Kerry in a fit of “anybody but Bush.”

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