Meme: 8 Surprising things about me

I’ve been tagged by dark daughta

8 things about me that you may not know. Being of the confessional generation, it’s kind of hard to think up 8 things that I haven’t blabbed on endlessly about. But I will give it a shot.

Here are the rules of engagement:

People who are tagged need to write these rules in their own blogs & share eight things about themselves that others might not know. At the end of the their blog post, they need to tag six people and list their (blog) names. Leave a comment on the blogs of the people they’ve chosen telling them they’ve been tagged and encouraging them to come over and read the eight things you’ve written on your blog.

Here we go:

  1. When I was eighteen, with my very first vote in a presidential election, I voted for George Bush the I. Yes. Yes, I did. You may be wondering what caused the downward spiral into liberalism, but that’s a whole another blog post.
  2. My grandfather was a coal miner. I don’t know why people find this surprising, but when I mention, people act surprised.

  3. Growing up, I used to barrel race horses.

  4. Here’s one. My freshman year in high school, I was a cheerleader. It didn’t work out well. How it happened was I had a friend whose main ambition in life was to join a dance troupe. She was a drop dead gorgeous Mexican girl whose real name was Monica, but she forced everyone to call her Monique. Anyway, cheerleading tryouts were right up Monica/Monique’s alley. She convinced me to come with her. I wasn’t too worried about it because I wasn’t the “cheerleading” type. However, I had taken a few years of gymnastics. I nailed several of the jumps. They picked me and Monica/Monique and a few other girls, of course.

    This is getting to be a long story, but anyway. I have a defiant streak, and cheerleading was not a good idea. The captain of the squad was a wealthy blonde girl I had hated since grade school. No way was I listening to her. She would shout on order, and I would just stand there, glaring at her. This put her panties in a twist, as you can imagine. I wasn’t asked back the next year.

  5. The most intense crush I ever had was on Pat Benatar in the 8th grade. I listened to her music incessantly and hung huge posters of her in my bedroom. This should have been a clue, but no one, not even I picked up on it.

  6. When I was growing up, I desperately wanted to be a nun (this is before the Pat Benatar obsession). The nuns dressed like Zorro, and they went off on missions to places with exotic names. They were the most exciting woman around. Plus, I loved to pray when I was little. Again, the road from there to where I am now is a whole another blog post.

  7. I prefer coke to pepsi.

  8. If I were a cat, I would be an indoor cat, not an outdoor cat.

So there you have it.

Here are my tags:

The lovely Ms Sue Do Nim


PT-Law Mom

Boston Maggie

Rhea at the Boomer Chronicles

Yo Yo girl at Etiology

PS – Can’t get enough of me? I knew it. I was tagged a while ago for six weird things about me. So if you want to know even more… check out this post:


9 thoughts on “Meme: 8 Surprising things about me

  1. OK – I’ll play later in the day, or the week, or whatever 🙂

    I love the cheerleader story. I can’t just picture it all in my head so well.

    I prefer Coke, too.

  2. I love the cheerleader story, too.

    With all the crap I write over at my place, how can you imagine there is anything about me that would surprise anyone!

  3. Wow! Lots of that suprises me! Barrel racing, nun fantasies, grand-daughter of a coal miner. But the Pat Benetar thing…I don’t get it. She’s that screamer, right? Maybe that’s it. 🙂

    What if you were a dog?

  4. A coal miner?! A cheerleader? Surprising, indeed. I already did Six Weird things about me and Six or Four (or whatever) other things about me. I think I have run out of things to say. But I do appreciate the TAG!!

  5. Dakota – I look forward to reading it.

    Maggie – I see your point.

    Hi Keri – I am probably taking your question too literally, but if I were a dog, I would be a mutt. Mostly Irish Setter, with some German Shepherd, and maybe a dash of something fancy like a King Charles Spaniel.

    Rhea – I know what you mean about these memes. And in my case, the blog is all about me, so its hard to think up “surprising” things.

  6. Ahem

    I played along but I think you know that I’m definitely not a Ms.


    Mrs. Sue Doe-Nim

    P.S. A barrel racing cheerleader living in the Northeast with her lesbian wife… who could make this stuff up?

  7. I had a few cousins that wanted to be nuns when they were really young and I always thought it was soooo cute.

    Thanks for starting this – I didn’t realize how interesting I could be until I thought about all of those little things that you don’t want everyone to know. I guess I’m starting to be more free.

  8. “The nuns dressed like Zorro…”

    Okay…I just snorted co-cola out of my nose at that one!

    In all of my experience with penguins….I never thought of them like that. Vaguely sinister maybe….but I didn’t see one until I was six. Then it was all nuns, all the time after that.

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