Strange doings around here

So tonight, I was washing dishes and thinking about everything when, I swear, our kitchen chair moved by itself. And then the baby woke up. Now, being a good lesbian, I live with a bunch of cats, so it could have been a cat that I just didn’t see. But my first thought was, “My dad’s come to see the baby.” 

So I went into the nursery, where my son had fallen back to sleep. I said, to my ghost dad, “Isn’t he the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen? He’s beautiful. He’s a good boy too. I think he looks like you. I do. 

Now get. And next time, don’t wake the baby up.”


7 thoughts on “Strange doings around here

  1. Remind me to blog about psychics and seances and weird shit like that.


    My mother once bought a house because the spirits at the seance wanted us to live there.

    The kicker is that the house wasn’t for sale.

    Yes, it’s reasonable to think it was your father. Before taking any advice, though, you should consider the source.

  2. Hee-hee! We do get that feeling sometimes. And don’t bother of what anybody might think. I believe I had that same experience (although I was too young to remember) my mother told me. My father died when I was two and when I got to the age of 22, I kept having this recurring dream of me calling after my father at the top of the stairs. My mother got teary eyed, and told me it really happened, me calling after a father who died two months earlier.

    What you wrote here might be short and sweet but it woke in me some long lost memory. Thank you.

  3. We used to hear things in the house when I was growing up and everyone just let it be that my brother was “coming home” for a visit. We’d welcome him and suddenly, nothing about it was scary.

    Now, twenty years later, his niece and nephews do the same thing – even though they never met him.

    Hopefully he’ll keep the visits coming – but won’t wake the baby.

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