I feel like bitching about my job

I have learned the hard way that people can figure out who you are even if you have an anonymous blog. So I have been keeping my unhappiness on the down low, at least on line. But I only have a week left, so I don’t care as much.

Honestly, I can’t believe I have spent the last six months of my life tolerating this level of boredom. If you stuck me in a room, all by myself, and told me you were going to pay me to measure the rate at which my arm hair grows, I wouldn’t have been this bored. It’s been murder.

Almost everyone I work with graduated from MIT. I did not graduate from MIT. In fact, one of the reasons why I studied art history is because it didn’t have a math requirement. Now, I’m a smart girl. I am. But they are smarter. They pound away furiously on their laptops and occasionally grunt. When they do deem it necessary to talk to me, usually I just nod my head, and at the end, say something to the effect of, “I just don’t understand you.” They love each other though. They sit on each others laps and flirt and giggle. A friend of mine pointed out that when annoying people flirt, it’s like annoyance squared. See, I know a little bit of math.

At any rate, I am looking forward to getting out of there. Next Thursday is my last day. Four more days never sounded so long.


2 thoughts on “I feel like bitching about my job

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