Make Believe

Green dressI bought this green dress on the spur of the moment. I loved the way the emerald green looked on me. Back before we had a kid, my wife had given me an emerald bracelet that I wore with it. It looked smashing. I decided to wear it on my plane flight to Phoenix. I was sitting in the airport, looking pretty and thinking to myself, “I never dress up anymore. Why is that?” 

I got onto the plane with my adorable 18th month old son, and by the time I was done, I had chocolate hand prints all over my silk dress. He threw a tantrum the entire flight, so my hair was standing on end as well. 

But I liked the dress so much, that I thought maybe I would buy another one. I hesitated because it seemed silly to buy the exact same dress, twice. Finally, I decided to do it, but when I logged into the Banana Republic web site, they had sold out! So I rushed to retail store, and they had two left, one was one size too big and the other was two sizes two small. I tried them both on. The shop girl, who looked about 12 said, “Go with the smaller size. It looks good on you.” 

Its way to small for me, but I bought it anyway. I’m going to pretend that shop girlie was telling the truth. Only thing is, I can’t lift my arms when I wear it, so I won’t be raising my hand in class.



6 thoughts on “Make Believe

  1. I love that dress! I love the way it hangs and a girl always feels most confident when she’s dressed up – at least this girl does 🙂

    Wear it on days when you already know it all – no questions needed – no reason to raise your hand.

  2. I love that dress. You know…it’s a really easy dress to make if you know your pattern drafting. If you really like it, take that picture into a skilled seamstress and she could make it for you. If you still have the original one that fit nicely…it’s a piece of cake to copy it. At least you could get it cut to precisely your size. It would drape really nicely in a sueded silk.

    You should try the crystallizing thing…it’s super easy and while it’s sort of candy…it only takes a very little to satisfy.

  3. Rosie, you are so smart. I never thought about going to a seamstress. But now I am trying to wrap my head around the idea that I bought the same dress three times.

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