I Quit!

I was scheduled to work until the end of August, but I told my boss today I couldn’t do it. He asked me how long I thought I could work. I wanted to say this is my last week. But he gave me such a LOOONG face, I said, “How about two weeks.” So its two weeks more. He asked me what my dad died of. I told him emphysema. We then talked about how crazy it is that people continue to smoke. Even after they get sick! Ha ha ha, it’s just crazy, we laughed.

Yeah. Real funny.

Anyway, I ran into a lady I used to go to church with, and she said, “Oh Googie, I saw you running around the pond.” I thought, Oh my god, my worst fear, people really are watching me exercise.


4 thoughts on “I Quit!

  1. Good for you! I might just ghost run with you – or maybe I’ll buy a punching bag to get out a little anger…

    Run like no one’s watching!!

  2. I like to tell myself that if they’re watching me exercise, they’re saying, “Wow, I wish I could get up the willpower to do that.” In short, they’re JUST JEALOUS!

    Keep going!

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