Thank-you to everyone for your posts and thoughts. We’ve had a hard time over here, but we are back in Boston and beginning to feel more grounded. We are going away with Jen’s family for a few days, and I am really looking forward to it. 

I started running to help starve off the depression I was feeling when my dad died. I could have called my primary care doctor and ask for an anti-depressant. But I have been completely off meds for awhile, so I didn’t want to do that. I read somewhere that running helps fight depression. It does seem to be helping. I don’t even know how far I go. I just run until I feel like my lungs are bleeding, and then I run a little more. At first I was worried because I was 35 lbs overweight, and I thought everyone would be thinking, oh there’s Fatty McFatty trying to exercise. But then I realized everyone is just kind of in their own little world, listening to Ipods and what not. I got on the scale this morning, and I have dropped several pounds. In fact, my BMI is finally under 30, so I am officially no longer obese. I still have 30 pounds to lose, but I am working on it. 

When I was in Arizona, I brought back my dad’s law degree and his bar licensing card. I’ve been carrying it around with me. He was really excited I was going to law school. I’m looking forward to it. 

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.


5 thoughts on “Thank-you

  1. Good for you! Keep running. Can you run a little for me? I had chinese food (the non-Atkins kind, lol) and I can’t quite do more than roll right now.

  2. Hey Googie!

    I am so so sorry about your Dad. The running sounds like a ggod plan. I wish I still could. It does help with depression, but don’t be afraid to go get a bit of extra help if you need it.

    Kiss that baby for me.

  3. I know the need to run and the beauty of endorphins and lungs on fire.

    I also know that when I see someone overweight running I’m encouraged and hopeful for them.

    Runners are a very cool group.

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