She’s down, bleeding

You’re cognizant enough to think, “Wow, this is going to leave a scar.” But mostly you are confused 

and disoriented. 

The accusations slam you fast and heavy. You can’t even follow the thread of the argument, but you are screaming at the top of your lungs. You think the important thing is to just keep swinging. 

Later, in a calmer moment, you are driving to St. Vincent DePaul’s with your brother. You are dropping off your dad’s books. They have titles like Satan Be Gone and The Attack on the Virgin Mary

“Well, I’m banking on time healing all wounds,” he finally says. You know he is banking on it because it’s all we got. 

Later, you look at your baby, and you know your brother is right. You may be old and tired, but your son isn’t. You may be pursued by angry ghosts and battling ancient fights, but he’s not.

You realize you are not so important. Your pain isn’t so unique or poetic. You will get over it, you always do. 

Besides, there are diapers to be changed and cheerios to pick up off the floor. Who has time to nurse a wound?


5 thoughts on “She’s down, bleeding

  1. Boy do I hear you. I’ve been using the “too busy with my son” excuse lately to avoid issues with my own brother. Hope these hard few weeks turn into a more peaceful time in your life.

  2. the calm after the storm is when you remember to breathe again… and you’re right, nappies don’t wait for anything!

    hope you are ok 🙂

  3. You are so on the mark here. I love this post.

    Children can’t wait for you to feel better…but they are a part of the healing process, aren’t they? The Circle of Life and all….it just goes on and on. Hope you are finding peace.

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