Closure on the whole real estate saga

So I took a hint from you guys and checked things out. First I called the title company where the gum chomping slut on the phone was trying to get rid of me so she could get back to painting her nails. And I was like, “I’m not going anywhere until I get something official looking that says I don’t own that property.” She finally faxed me a warranty deed. This was the deed to the property we had sold two years ago.

The problem is that there is no real address. Its all legal descriptions that kind of looked like it matched what the Maricopa County Treasurer had. So I called them next. 

The guy said as far as they were concerned we owned the property. I called the Registry of Something. The official sounding man said that as far as they were concerned, we owned the property. It was all very fishy. 

So finally, I called a department called “Ownership”. I talked to a woman who sounded like she was a hundred. She pulled out some maps, and looked at the Deed, the Affidavit and the parcel numbers. She finally said, “I think we made a mistake.” 

So I got to the bottom of it. The ancient woman had not put in the correct information. You can’t sell something twice. But I am glad, because if it was my brother trying to swindle me, that would have been a crisis. And I am too tired and grouchy to deal with an Isaac and Jacob type of situation right now.


3 thoughts on “Closure on the whole real estate saga

  1. A few reasons that I, personally, adore you and think you should make a bazillion dollars.

    1. “the gum chomping slut on the phone” I’m willing to pay you for just that one observation.

    2. The fact that the relationship clearly has more value than the cash.

    3. Back to “the gum chomping slut on the phone”


    I love it when you’re bitchy.

    And it’ll be good when you’ve got some cash too.

    I’m sure your brother will thank you.

  2. Didn’t follow all of this, but as far as your brother trying to swindle you goes, that was a discovery I made relatively late in life – that sometimes even people who strike you as very decent and even admirable can act funny when it comes to money…

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