Facebook logoSo I’m feeling pretty cool because now I have a Facebook profile. This is what $40,000 in debt to a law school gets you. I don’t feel cool being a (future) law student, just being on Facebook. Of course, I think I am the oldest one on there. 

My little sister, who is 12 years younger than me, also has a profile. She is a smarty pants grad student at Columbia University.

Facebook has a feature where you can update your status. Its like, I don’t even have to talk to her, I know what she is doing all the time. 

So it was her birthday this week, and I left her a Happy Birthday message. I saw on her Facebook that she was going out with friends. 

I was talking to my little brother, and he said he was worried because he had called her and she didn’t return his phone call. 

I told him it was ok, she was out with friends. 

“How do you know that?” he asked. 

“I saw it on her Facebook profile. I have one too.” 

“Oh, I’m told old for Facebook,” he says deadpan. 

“You? What about me?” Upon which he breaks out into hysterics.

Happy Birthday Rachael. Enjoy your twenties!


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