Much drama

So there has been a lot of drama around here the last week. I called home on Tuesday to ask Jen what she wanted me to pick up for dinner. She said the baby had a temperature of 105. I hit the accelerator and got home. We rushed him to the emergency room. 

We went to the hospital where Jen works. The guard asked us to identify ourselves. Jen said she was the mom. He gives her a “Parent” badge. I assume it’s so the staff knows who we are. The guard turns to me and asks if I am the grandmother! Jen is stunned. I’m traumatized. I tell him, “No. I’m the mom too.” He looks down and hands me a “Visitor” badge. I say “No. I’m the mom too.” He looks annoyed and hands me a second parent badge.

Now I am a little worried, and a little pissed. Once we get in the hospital, the staff is great. No problems with the two mom thing. Practically, Jen’s whole unit comes down to see us.

The hospital does a few tests. They catheterize him to take a urine sample which is one of the worst things I have ever been through. They can’t decide what’s wrong but they say it probably viral.

We take him home, and I call in sick the next day. His temp hit 104.4, and we rush off to the hospital again. Lil’ guy had been sleeping when I called the nurse. She told me to bring him in right away. She scared me so much, I woke him up and drove him in the car. It was hot that day. He hadn’t been wearing any clothes, so I was driving to the hospital like a mad woman with a naked baby.

The doctor spends 5 minutes with him, and says, “It’s probably a virus.” Thanks.

At any rate, sick for two more days. He is right as rain today.

BTW – anybody know anything about botox? Maybe I should get my teeth whitened.


3 thoughts on “Much drama

  1. Grandma?

    What a dildo.

    Take lukewarm washcloths and put them on his naked skin. They will quickly chill and help bring the fever down.

    It’s much kinder than putting the poor guy in cold cloths.

    And popsicles.

    One for him and two for you.

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