Continued – Help, Need Advice

Part II

So a couple of weeks ago, out of the blue, someone calls me and they are interested in the land. I said talk to J, thinking he would never agree. 

To my surprised, my brother called me and we had a nice conversation. He said he wanted his friend who owns a RE company to check the contract out. I agreed. He then called me and said that his friend talked to the lawyer. They knew the company and said they were legit. He then said that his friend was on vacation and would be getting back next week. He said we would probably know more on Tuesday (today). He said chances of it going through are 60/40. I don’t know where he gets his percentages from. A big factor in all of this is that the company needs an answer by Friday or the deal is off. 

J asked me to call everyone else and to see what they thought. Everybody felt like selling the land was a good idea. The price offered is 325,000 which divided by 5 is 65,000. So maybe that would not pay for a POH bracelet, but it’s a lot of money to me. This is embarrassing, but Jen and I are really in debt, and this would pay off all of it, plus we were going to delead the house. Jen had talked to her boss about switching to the weekend program so that we she could make more money when I was in law school. Once she heard about this however, she thought perhaps she wouldn’t have to do that. 

So anyway, Tuesday comes, and my little brother emails me to ask what’s happening. I don’t know. So I called J and get his voice mail. Now remember, we are waiting for his friend that he insisted that we used. 

J doesn’t call back. So I call on my work phone knowing that he wouldn’t recognize the number. He picks right up. I asked what’s happening with the land. He says he doesn’t know. I asked him what the game plan was. 

And he says, “You sound like your counting on this. I don’t like that. You should just forget about it.” 

I say, “I know it might fall through but I would be lying if I didn’t say I am excited.” 

He says, “Just forget about it. I don’t even know about this. I would say it isn’t even 60/40.” 

I said fine and we hung up. 

Now everyone has agreed to sell. The only thing holding us back now is his consent, and whatever is happening with the realtor. Honestly, I think the reason why he is wavering is because he has to be in complete control. It would have been much smarter for me to pretend not to care, but I am not the Buddha. I was excited. 

Now, I am trying to decide what to do. This is exactly the reason why I didn’t want to be on the deed. Complicating everything is that my dad is very sick and we stand to inherit more land. There is also a healthy annuity that we will receive. So, a part of me really feels like if this falls through, for my own sanity, I should just ask my brothers and sisters to sign the Termination of Joint Tenancy. A part of me even wants to ask my dad to take me out of the will. However, my dad has been so incoherent lately, I am not sure if he wouldn’t even understand what I am saying. 

Another part of me wonders if I am not robbing my son of some of his inheritance. It’s not easy to accumulate wealth, and I essentially would be forfeiting mine except for the annuity. But then again, I wonder if there aren’t more important things than money to leave your kids. 

So what do you guys think? What would you do?




8 thoughts on “Continued – Help, Need Advice

  1. I would do whatever Jen says if you feel stuck.

    I would play nice and get my money because $65,000 is enough to buy you time together as a family and that’s the real reason we work, isn’t it?

    FYI I’ve never owned (nor have I wanted to own) a piece of jewelry appraised over 4 figures.

    It’s moments like this where marriage is critical because it affects more people than just yourself, when you waver and your spouse has an opinion trust it.


  2. Wow. First of all, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. I’m also sorry to hear that you’re not close with your siblings.

    Secondly, because $65K is a lot of money – especially when you have things you’d like to spend it on, you should stick it out. You forfeiting your inheritance will affect the things you’d like to do for your family. But I suppose if it’s causing more heartache than you can handle, it might be better to just step away.

    I think I just made full circle. Sorry for wavering.

  3. It sounds awful, like family stuff can be. But the money is important. We all need money and it IS hard to accumulate it. Try to stick it out.

  4. I think I would just forget about this possibility of selling it and if it goes through that would be great. Doesn’t seem like there’s really any thing to be done right now. Ask for some wisdom to know the difference…..

  5. Housewife- I agree- I’m just saying that maybe right now isn’t the time to push through a sale or count on a sale that might not happen. We just can’t know the future– so maybe put on some sunscreen and hang out in the shade, away from Chernobyl for a while. How does the scenario REALLY go if the land and any money is entirely given up? The brothers and sisters NEVER, EVER talk or interact again? All hurt feelings magically disappear? Googie forgets about her entire upbringing? I understand that it would alleviate some pain, but I don’t think it solves everything. Dad is still sick, kids have still been hurt. Googie will need to treat the radiation burn whether or not there is an inheritance, right?

  6. I see what you’re saying Susan and I tend to agree with you.

    With a broad brush though I believe that the moment you marry that becomes the priority and the family is who is under your roof. As much as I adore my siblings my husband and children come first. My siblings and I all feel the same and at times it causes friction (not often) but typically it breeds respect for marriage and children.

    Anyhow I’m sure Googie and Jen will make the right choice even though no matter what they do it will feel oddly wrong.

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