All the news that’s fit to print

As I mentioned, part of my job involves internet research. I have been researching small, online newspapers. I have greatly enjoyed it.

I want to share with you some of my favorite news items that I have seen this week from across America.

Little Black BearIn Wisconsin, this little guy made the rounds of the neighborhood. He wrestled with family dogs, sat on laps, and even swung on a jungle gym. He was eventually taken to a bear rehabilitation center by animal control. I assume to teach him that he isn’t a labrador retriever, but a Black Bear:

In Payne Springs, TX, the city council meeting was cut short when the city clerk showed up drunk and created a ruckus. She made obscene and threatening gestures, and screamed, “I’m just trying to help you get this city straightened out!” She was eventually arrested, and the other items tabled.

Oh, you know they are going to be talking about that down at the hair salon for a long, long time.

And finally, a nude woman crashes truck in North Virginia. I can just imagine what the dispatcher had to say about that! (No one was hurt)


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